Extreme measures to reduce the spread of COVID

While our industry is most affected by the COVID pandemic, it has also been the main catalyst behind its spread. We strongly believe that temporarily limiting the movement and congregation of people to extreme levels, will result in saving tens to hundreds of thousands of lives in the short-run and lead to faster global economic recovery in the long-run. Advocating for the cancellation of all but emergency travel is key to achieving this result. 

While government policy is key to imposing travel restrictions, responses have been limited in nature in order to allow for emergency flow of goods and people to proceed. Unfortunately, some governments have not yet implemented any preventative measures. It is us, companies that act at the last point of contact with customers, that must warn people against the risk of traveling at this time. Further-restricting our revenues during this period of time is a small price to pay against the cost of pandemic-spread. Our belief is that it is not safe to travel at this time. Any other entity attempting to relax your concerns does not have your own best interest in mind.

As part of our personal and collective duty to reduce the spread of COVID, we will be adopting the following measures effective immediately: