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Hotels around Princes Islands (3 Available)

Princes Islands

What you need to know

Princes Islands or Adalar Islands are beautiful islands set on the Marmara Sea only one hour away from Istanbul. The islands are considered a famous tourist destination for its breathtaking views and the serenity it offers for its visitors. The Princes islands are a set of nine fascinating islands with green views and sweeping scenes of the Sea of Marmara; however, only four islands are frequently visited by tourists. The most famous island of the 9 set of islands is Büyükada Island. The main mean of transportation in these islands is through the horse carriages, which gives these islands a distinctive character since vehicles are forbidden except for governmental vehicles such as police or ambulance cars. This experience will take you centuries back where you'll feel as if you are in the 17th century. In addition, you can rent a bicycle from any store that offers a bicycle rental service to experience the fun of wandering through these picturesque islands.

The islands offer many dining options such as restaurants and small shops. If you want to eat a delicious  meal of freshly cooked fish there are many options offered in the islands .

The islands are an excellent tourist destination that is a must-visit if you’re in Istanbul for a vacation, especially in the summer. Yet, it’s not preferred to visit the islands in the winter as the waves are tidal and the sailing isn’t stable.

The reason for naming the Princes Islands with this name is because they were used as an exile for Byzantine princesses in the Byzantine era. In the Ottoman era, the islands became a summer resort for the Ottoman Empire queens, since it provides a relaxing atmosphere that is full of tranquility and privacy away from the city.

Hotels in the Princes Islands

There are a number of small hotels in the Princes Islands of Turkey , most of them are set in the Island of Büyükada. We mention from them : Splendid Palace Hotel and Buyukada Cankaya Hotel .


The islands are only an hour away from the city of Istanbul , you can get to the islands through the sea by a boat or a ship that you take from the Eminönü area in Istanbul .

Hotels Around Princes Islands

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