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Tourism in Istanbul

As the heart of Turkey and its’ largest city, Istanbul is the second largest populated city in the world. A cultural and financial hub, Istanbul is the bridge between Asia and Europe, a fact that can be seen reflected in its people, its customs and its architectural beauty. Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, there are an infinite number of ways to explore the city both on land and on water. Home to famous monuments such as the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia, running out of things to do and see is not an option.

Points Of Interest

Taksim Square Tourist Attraction

Taksim Square or Taksim Meydanı (in Turkish) is a symbol of Istanbul, and one of the major tourist attractions in the Turkish economic capital. Located in Istanbul’s European side, the square is a hub for a wide variety of shopping, accommodation, dining and leisure options.Established by Sultan Mahmud l, the square was originally built to branch off water through the water pipes to the rest of the city. Today, the Taksim is considered one of the best and most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, the length of the Istiklal street within the square is about three and a half kilometers extending from the Taksim Square and to the tunnel that connects the area of Karaköy to the district of  Pera in  Beyoglu.In the middle of the square, there is a monument best known as the Monument of the Republic that was crafted by Pietro Canonica in 1928 to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the foundation of the new Republic of Turkey after the Turkish Independence War in 1923.Inside the streetDiningIn a walk in Istiklak Cadesi, the famous pedestrian shopping street, you will pass by plenty of restaurants that serve mouthwatering Turkish food. Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası or “ Al Madina Resaturant ” is a famous restaurant located in the beginning of the street; another famous restaurant is Beyoglu Halk Doner Restaurant , as well as other branches for fast-food chains. After eating a delicious Shawarma wrap or Kebab, there is always room for dessert; therefore you should pay a visit to Faruk Güllüoğlu or Hafiz Mustafa and try their Baklava or mouthwatering Turkish Delights accompanied with Turkish coffee.While walking in the street, you will pass by refreshment points that sell roasted chestnuts, grilled corn presented in a cob, Simit ( pretzel-like bread), fresh fruits and fresh mussels.HotelsSurrounding this lively area, a number of the grandest international hotel chains including : The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul ,The Marmara Taksim , InterContinental IstanbulShoppingFor shopping, the street has so much to offer. Many international brands have branches at the street like Swarovski, Lacoste, Sephora, Bershka, H&M, Zara, Koton and others.Public EventsThe Taksim Square is also a famous location for public events such as political demonstrations, parades, New Year celebrations and other social gatherings.One of the famous demonstrations held at the square were the May 26, 2013 demonstrations to oppose the cutting of trees in the garden of the division of Park (Gaza division) in preparation for the reconstruction of the Ottoman barracks to make them a mall.TransportationTaxiIn the Taksim area you will find many Taxis.MetroIn the Taksim Square you can find elevator/stairs that get you to the underground Metro station.M2 line: Taksim stop.BussesThe IETT public buses have a stop by the Taksim area. İETT city buses are best used for major sights, because they tend to be crowded and slow due to the massive amount of stops. You can’t pay cash or through credit card, so you should have your Istanbul Kart Transit Pass ready before entering the bus, otherwise, they won’t let you in.Havataş Airport Shuttle Service in IstanbulHavataş is an airport shuttle owned by the municipality of Istanbul and you can find them outside the airport terminal. There is a bus every half an hour that goes from the airport to the Taksim Square.

Galata Tower Tourist Attraction

The medieval stone tower is located in the Galata/Karakoy quarter of Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the city’s most remarkable landmarks. There is a restaurant and café on its upper floors which command a magnificent view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. The tower was built in 1348, during the time of expansion in Constantinople, and it was the highest standing building used for fire lookout.

Hagia Sophia Tourist Attraction

The museum was built as a basilica during the Byzantine era and converted into a mosque under the Ottoman rule. Its exterior is the epitome of Byzantine architecture while its interior is an interesting combination of mosaics of Christian figures and features of Islamic worship.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum Tourist Attraction

As a group of museums comprising the Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Orient and Museum of Islamic Art, it exhibits collections representing diverse civilizations and eras. Notable artifacts are the Alexander Sarcophagus and Treaty of Kadesh.

Topkapi Palace Museum Tourist Attraction

As a former palace where sultans resided, the museum gives a vibe of Ottoman political power. The palace museum features structures that are distinctly Ottoman. It also hosts collections of porcelain, military arsenal, treasures, manuscripts and Islamic calligraphy.

Great Palace Mosaic Museum Tourist Attraction

The museum stands at the former grounds of the Great Palace of Constantinople, which had some walls and floors decorated with beautifully crafted mosaics. These mosaics are now harbored by the museum.

Turkish & Islamic Art Museum Tourist Attraction

This museum that was once a palace constructed in the 1500s features different periods of Ottoman rule and Islamic art. Various artifacts such as carpets, Koran, tiles and calligraphy can be found here

Suleymaniye Mosque and Complex  Tourist Attraction

Structures that have been existing for more than 500 years stand in this complex located on the Third Hill. The centrepiece, a dome mosque with minarets, combines Islamic and Byzantine architectural motifs.

Galata Tower Folkloric Show Tourist Attraction

Similar to the nearby Hagia Sophia, the museum was once a church built during the Byzantine reign. Though no mosaics have survived, tourists can still recognize the Byzantine influence on its structures. At times, classical musical performances and music festivals are held here.

St. Savior In Chorda Tourist Attraction

Similar to other Byzantine churches, it was converted into a mosque and then turned into a museum only in recent history. Tourists who love history or adhere to Christianity are awed by the frescoes and 50 mosaic panels that are exhibited in the museum.

Galatasaray Islet Tourist Attraction

An Island between two continents, located in the bosphorus overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge, the island is composed of several big stone blocks 165 metres from the shore. The island was gives as a present to Serkis Kalifa by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1872, who in turn built three story pavilions. Today the island serves as a top tourist attraction and resort, featuring bars, 6 restaurants, two swimming pools, and an astonishing terrace with fascinating views of istanbul. You can reach the island using the ferry service.

Hagia Irene Tourist Attraction

Similar to the nearby Hagia Sophia, the museum was once a church built during the Byzantine reign. Though no mosaics have survived, tourists can still recognize the Byzantine influence on its structures. At times, classical musical performances and music festivals are held here.

Palladium Shops

Located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Palladium is portrayed as the place for infinite pleasure, shopping, entertainment, and flavors. Palladium Shopping Centre was founded with the goal of becoming the new center of the Anatolian side of life. Consisting of 190 shops, 2,500-space car park, located in front of green space, providing maximum benefit from daylight 'Giant Glass Sphere'.

Istinye Park Shops

Opened in 2007, Istinye Park is a luxurious shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey that offers high-end to affordable brands all at one place from shopping, dining and entertainment options. The shopping destination has 300 stores that suit different age ranges.ShoppingA wide variety of brands are offered at the mall that makes it a prestigious and extraordinary shopping destination, we mention from them: Michael Kors , Celine , Louis Vuitton , BOSS , Koton , H&M , Bershka , Adidas , Burberry , Cartier , Fendi , Gucci , Hermes , Mac , Sephora and more.DiningAt Istinye Park, you get to enjoy a wide variety of dining options, we mention from them: Ladurees , Godiva , Mado , Mcdonalds , Haagen Dazs , Starbucks , Shake Shack and more.EntertainmentFor your convenience, a variety of entertainment and leisure services are offered, such as: Cinemaximum where you can enjoy a movie along with delicious popcorn, Fun Time, and Hillside spa.Hotels near Istinye ParkMövenpick Hotel Istanbul , Park Dedeman Levent , Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent , Steigenberger Hotel Istanbul Maslak , The Istanbul Edition Luxury Class Hotel .ServicesThere is a supermarket, change office, banks and other services offered for an enjoyable visit.Transport and ParkingAt Istinye Park, 3600 parking units are available.MetroIstanbul technical university stopBusIstinye Park stop

Mall of Istanbul Shops

A new shopping mall in istanbul located on Süleyman Demirel boulvard, featuring a mix of 350 local and international stores. The mall also hosts a variety of Art, Cultural and entertainment events, and is known to be the largest mall in Europe. Other facilities include 12 cinemas, a small roller coaster, and a bowling hall.

Kanyon Mall Shops

Among the top shopping malls in modern istanbul, consists of 160 stores, featuring local and international brands. Its proximity to the the commercial centre of modern istanbul made it a favorable shopping, dining, and entertainment attraction.

Zorlu Center Civic Center

A compound consisting of a hotel, shopping mall, residential apartments, and offices.

Bosphorus Bridge Travel

The first bridge over the bosphorous which connects Asia with Europe. The idea of building a bridge to connect the two continents dates back to the Antiquity or the Classical age. The bridge building was completed by 1973. The bridge is 1560 meters long with a width of 33.4 meters. Among its completion it was the 4th longest bridge in the world, the longest outside the United States. Today it is the 22nd longest spanning bridge in the world.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) Travel

Constructed almost a century ago and renovated in 2000, the airport has become one of the busiest airports in Europe and in the world. As a major gateway to Turkey, the airport has shops for last minute purchases and is easily accessible through several inland transport modes.

İbb Türkmenistan Parkı Entertainment

The park symbolizes friendship among Turkish people of Turkey and Turkmenistan. With its verdant grasses and pleasant view of the Sea of Marmara, jogging and eating at restaurants around become a unique experience.

Carousel Shopping Center Entertainment

This modern shopping center is home to over a hundred shops offering food and entertainment. Tourists can appreciate its well-lit interior, taste local urban life or just take a break from touring to shop for necessities.

Atakoy Konuk Evi Entertainment

With its pleasant and comfortable rooms, basic facilities, friendly staff and a delightful view of the Sea of Marmara, the guest house is an ideal accommodation for tourists. Its proximity to restaurants and the Atakoy Galleria top these attributes.

Dünya Göz Hastanesi-ataköy Şubesi Entertainment

This premier eye center is near the Ataturk Airport that makes it easily accessible to medical tourists. The hospital boasts of experienced doctors and the latest technology for dealing with eye ailments, notwithstanding its various features similar to that of a 5-star hotel.

Topkapi Saray Entertainment

Topkapi is a large palace in Istanbul that used to home the ottoman sultans. Used to serve state occasions and royal entertainment. Today is a famous museum and tourist attraction.

Istanbul Hospital Medical

Located at Pazaryolu Cad, it is easily distinguishable with its box-like building. The hospital offers services with its diverse units that include ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology and urology. It prides in its roster of physicians and technology.

Istanbul Medicine Hospital Medical

With an imposing brown-and-blue building along H. Ahmet Yesevi Cad, the hospital gives health tourists a feel of the quality of services of its various units such as ob-gynecology, pediatrics, beauty and aesthetics, and intensive care.

Avrasya Hospital Medical

This ISO-certified hospital caters to both locals and medical tourists who require medical procedures such as bypass surgery, hip replacement, mammoplasty and spinal fusion. Aside from quality, health tourists are attracted by its cheaper prices relative to global competitors.

Atatürk International Airport attractions.categories.AIRPORTS

Various modes of transfer to and from the airport are available. A tourist may choose from taxis, subway, buses, sea buses and cars for rent that can comfortably shuttle him to his booked hotel or city landmarks such as Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque.

Princes Islands City Center

Princes Islands or Adalar Islands are beautiful islands set on the Marmara Sea only one hour away from Istanbul. The islands are considered a famous tourist destination for its breathtaking views and the serenity it offers for its visitors. The Princes islands are a set of nine fascinating islands with green views and sweeping scenes of the Sea of Marmara; however, only four islands are frequently visited by tourists. The most famous island of the 9 set of islands is Büyükada Island. The main mean of transportation in these islands is through the horse carriages, which gives these islands a distinctive character since vehicles are forbidden except for governmental vehicles such as police or ambulance cars. This experience will take you centuries back where you'll feel as if you are in the 17th century. In addition, you can rent a bicycle from any store that offers a bicycle rental service to experience the fun of wandering through these picturesque islands.The islands offer many dining options such as restaurants and small shops. If you want to eat a delicious  meal of freshly cooked fish there are many options offered in the islands .The islands are an excellent tourist destination that is a must-visit if you’re in Istanbul for a vacation, especially in the summer. Yet, it’s not preferred to visit the islands in the winter as the waves are tidal and the sailing isn’t stable.The reason for naming the Princes Islands with this name is because they were used as an exile for Byzantine princesses in the Byzantine era. In the Ottoman era, the islands became a summer resort for the Ottoman Empire queens, since it provides a relaxing atmosphere that is full of tranquility and privacy away from the city.Hotels in the Princes IslandsThere are a number of small hotels in the Princes Islands of Turkey , most of them are set in the Island of Büyükada. We mention from them : Splendid Palace Hotel and Buyukada Cankaya Hotel .TransportationThe islands are only an hour away from the city of Istanbul , you can get to the islands through the sea by a boat or a ship that you take from the Eminönü area in Istanbul .

Cevahir Mall City Center

İstanbul Cevahir is a large shopping mall that is nestled on the Büyükdere Avenue in the Şişli district of the city center of Istanbul. The spacious mall promises its visitors with a world class shopping experience. The shopping and leisure destination is one of İstanbul's symbolic venues; for tourists and locals.The 6 story shopping mall is home to more than 300 shops and provides a diverse range of shopping categories and a collection of brands.  A wide variety of dining options are provided from restaurants to cafes which serve food that satisfies every taster.  Other entertainment options include the movie theaters and the state theater which makes Istanbul Cevahir Mall a popular choice for all.Moreover, the mall has the biggest indoor entertainment center in Turkey which has thrill rides , kid’s play areas and a large selection of exhilarating games. There’s a bowling hall at the mall, a cinema and a the huge supermarket, Migros , that is a part of the largest Turkish supermarket chain.HotelsLausos Palace Hotel , A Palace Suites  , Inside Hotel Sisli .ShoppingIn Istanbul Cevahir Mall you will be granted the chance of an extraordinary shopping experience. Everything you want regardless of which brand will be found in one of the 6 story building of the mall.We will mention a couple of the main stores that you should visit when you’re at Cevahir: Victoria’s Secret , Mac , C&A , Debenhams , Zara , Boyner , Massimo Dutti , Penti , Swarovski .TransportOn the underground floor of Cevahir Mall , there is a metro station.Take the Yenikapi – Haciosman (M2) metro line and get off at Mecidiyekoy – Sisli stop , take the Sisli exit. You will find a direct entrance to Cevahir Mall .

The Grand Bazaar City Center

The Grand Bazaar is a covered market that is situated in Fatih, Istanbul. Considered as the number 1 most visited tourist attraction in the world in 2014 with 91,250,000 annual visitors, the bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, and was often regarded as one of the first shopping malls in history. It has 61 covered streets and more than 4,000 shops that attract around 250,000 to 400,000 people daily.Inside the Grand BazaarAlthough many shopping malls opened in Istanbul in the recent years, but the Grand Bazaar is still catching the attention of tourists through adapting a special concept that distinguishes it from other shopping destinations.If you’re interested in gold jewelry, silverware, antiques, leather goods, casual clothes, furniture, carpets, or food; then the grand bazaar should be your first stop in your next trip to Istanbul.Hotels near the Grand BazaarRecital Hotel , Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel , Hotel Sultania- Boutique Class , Tan Hotel - Special Class .Opening TimesThe Grand Bazaar opens daily except for Sunday and days of public holidays.TransportMetroYenikapi stopBusYenikapi

The Blue Mosque City Center

Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque is one of the most important mosques in the Turkish city of Istanbul, the mosque is located in Sultanahmet Square and in front of the Hagia Sophia Museum. Known for its distinctive architectural design, the mosque is one of the most important and largest mosques in the Muslim world.The mosque was built between 1018 - 1020 AH / 1609 - 1616 AD as described through the inscriptions on one of its doors. It has a high fence surrounding it from three sides; the fence has five doors, three of which lead to the courtyard of the mosque and two to the prayer hall.The Blue Mosque is truly a must visit place for anyone visiting the culturally-rich city of Istanbul.Rules and RegulationsWomen and Men should abide by the dress code set at the Blue Mosque. Women should wear a headscarf that fully covers their hair, while their legs should be covered as well. The scarfs are available for free when entering the mosque. As for men, they should wear pants that cover their legs.Hotels near the Blue MosqueHotel Santa Sophia , Hotel Amira Istanbul, Hotel Arcadia Istanbul , GLK PREMIER The Home Suites & Spa , Best Western Premier Regency Suites Hotel-Spa and more.TransportTramT1 Kabataş-Bağcılar Tramvay LineBusTB1 Sultanahmet-Dolmabahce-SultanahmetTB2 Sultanahmet-Camilca-Sultanahmet

Istanbul's city center City Center

Yildiz Sarai Historic

Yildiz Palace, also called Start Palace was built in 1880 by the ottoman sutlan Abdulhamid II. The Palace consists of many apartments or pavilion named after the ottoman Sultan who used to accommodate it, in addition to an Opera House, a Museum and a Theatre. Today Yildiz Saray stands as a famous museum among many tourists.

Yoros Kalesi Historic

Yoros castle is strategically set near the bosphorus and the black sea. The Castle is known as a Greek Castle as it still holds remains of the greeks, as it was also settled by the Phoenicians and the Byzantines. Tourists come to explore the area around the castle on a day trip. Today many areas of the castle are controlled by the military as it still holds a strategic geographic location.
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