Al Massa Hotel Makkah

Ajyad Street, Makkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia
+1 385-355-7901
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Double Room - City View
  • Rooms Size 12 m2
  • 1 Double bed / 131-150 cm wide

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Triple Room
  • Rooms Size 15 m2
  • 3 Single beds / 90-130 cm wide

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Quadruple Room
  • Rooms Size 15 m2
  • 4 Single beds / 90-130 cm wide

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About Al Massa Hotel Makkah



Massa Hotel Makkah is about 90 meters from the Grand Mosque and is set 40 minutes away from the port of Jeddah and King Abdul Aziz International Airport. The hotel overlooks the Grand Mosque too.

The luxurious accommodation offers luxurious facilities such as limousines for the guests wishing to visit different places and destinations if there is no parking.


Massa Mecca Hotel provides VIP facilities and private centers for business-men and important people, and the hotel offers a main restaurant that serves traditional Saudi Arabian dishes and other Asian international dishes. Also, it serves breakfast buffet.


The rooms are elegant  and spacious. Many amenities are offered for the guests’ comfort such as fast internet service, TV, en-suite bathroom and more.

More about hotel policies

Hotel Policies
  • Check in 4 PM
  • Check out 1 PM
  • Check-in time starts at4 PM
Children and extra beds policy
  • There is no capacity for extra beds in the room.
  • This property doesn't provide baby cribs/cots in its rooms.
  • Children are not allowed to use existing beds when staying with their parents.
We should also mention
  • Only Muslims are allowed to enter the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.
  • Local laws may restrict unmarried guests from sharing rooms. Guests are responsible for providing proof of marriage, if requested by the property.
  • Couples wishing to share a room must provide proof of marriage.

Top hotel amenities


  • Free wifi is available in all public areas
  • Free Wi-Fi
Food & Drink

  • Restaurant

  • No Parking
Guest Services

  • Room Service
  • Luggage storage
  • Wheelchair accessibility

  • 24-hour front desk

More about hotel amenities

Where to eat
Satisfy your appetite at the hotel's coffee shop/café.
More about the location
With a stay at Al Massa Hotel in Mecca, you'll be within a 10-minute drive of Kaaba and Great Mosque of Mecca. This 4-star hotel is 0.3 mi (0.6 km) from Well of Zamzam and 2.9 mi (4.6 km) from Abraj Al-Bait Towers.

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Very Good
Based on 8 reviews
Verified reviews from our travelers

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from Saudi Arabia
غرفة لشخصين مطلة على المدينة
أقام ليلة واحدة في نوفمبر 2016
A few years ago
قريب من الحرم ولكن سي جدآ يجب تجديد الاثاث بالكامل مهترئ وقديم

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Ghanou Lounis
A few months ago
the near door to Elharam from massa hôtel ?
خالد الجهني
A few months ago
ارغب في غرفه اطلاله ع الحرم
Top voted answer   
Samia Hafez
A few months ago
قريب من باب 1
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