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Tourism in Poland

What you need to know
Poland is an east European country located on the Baltic Sea. Known for its medieval architecture, and hearty cuisine. Tourism is the main pillar of Poland’s economy with the most popular cities are Kraków, Wrocław, and Gdańsk. Touring here will suit you well if you are keen to sports; visiting Poland will be a blast for its geographical areas which host all kinds of sports including mountain hikes, skiing, water sports, and cycling tourism, to mention a few. Poland is known for its Gothic architecture- which dates back to the 13th century-, castles, town halls, town walls and gates all of which will give you a great sense of its historic agenda. Other than sport and history, poland hosts a mind full of festivals, theatres, music performances. One famous festival is Juwenalia which occurs towards the beginning of Summer, it is known as a students festival which celebrates polish traditions dating back to medieval Krakow. While here visit the best recreational tourist attractions such Poland’s Masurian Lake District, Tatra Mountains (the highest mountain range of Carpathians), Baltic Sea coast, and Białowieża Forest. Vistula river is an important waterway or mean of transportation. All cities and suburbs are well connected with the railways. Other than that trams are available throughout the cities to facilitate your mobility. Poland’s climate is described as a temperate climate with cold winters affected by oceanic currents and warm summers affected by sub-tropical air from the south.

Points of Interest in Poland

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