Hosh Al Syrian Guest House

Star Street, Bethlehem, Palestine
+1 385-355-7901
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  • 1 Double bed / 131-150 cm wide

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Al-Istirkha’ / 2 Twin Beds

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Al-Tufula / 2 Twin Beds
  • 2 Single beds / 90-130 cm wide

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About Hosh Al Syrian Guest House


Looking for a hotel to stay in for the night in the heart of the old city Bethlehem? Hosh Al Syrian hotel is the place to choose. There aren’t many such hotels in Bethlehem with a vintage style, and picturesque architecture. The boutique hotel is close to many souqs and restuarant in addition to the proximity to the Church of Nativity. Staying here you will not only be served with quality services but you’ll feel the true vibe of living a glimpse of the historic bethlehem. Traditional Palestinian breakfast is served in the early mornings. Hosh Al Syrian feature 12 different rooms. You’ll be amused to know the nostalgic names of the rooms mentioning some of them such as Al-Tufula which overlooks the second courtyard and is designed to help you connect with your inner child, Al Shaqawa which include two single beds, Al Farah including one double bed, and Al A’ila suite which features two bedrooms including a double queen bed and two twin beds for children. All Rooms are spacious, equipped with Wi-Fi connection, and a work-space. Bathrooms offer a shower, hand towels, face towels and bath towels plus bath robes. You’ll also be happy to use local made olive oil soup.

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Hotel Policies
  • Check in 2 PM
  • Check out 12 PM

Top hotel amenities


  • Free wifi is available in all public areas
Food & Drink

  • Restaurant
  • Special diet meals (upon request)
  • Bar/lounge
  • Coffee shop/Café

  • Airport transportation
On-Site Facilities

  • Meeting room
  • Terrace
Cleaning Service

  • Laundry services
  • Dry cleaning
  • Ironing services
Guest Services

  • Concierge services
  • Luggage storage

Verified reviews from our travelers

Based on 2 reviews
Verified reviews from our travelers

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