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Hotels around TAJ Mall (277 Available)

TAJ Mall

What you need to know

TAJ Mall is the ultimate destination for shopping, dining and entertainment in Jordan. TAJ Mall is a shopping complex with more than 190 brands spread across 150,000 square meters.

A multipurpose shopping center set to revolutionize your overall shopping and entertainment experience; state-of-the-art facilities and media center that cater to the need of everyone; stunning and breathtaking lights in the evening

TAJ Mall offers the Jordan’s most comprehensive mix of the retail world combined with luxurious fashion brands, designer stores, jewelry, cosmetics and beauty to kid’s wear, home decor, sporting goods, electronics, and a supermarket.

Providing our customers with an exceptional experience, TAJ is far more than just a shopping mall. Taj Mall boasts two terraces that offer visitors a selection of dining and entertainment facilities that offer stunning views over the city’s capital.

To provide customers with a pleasurable experience, TAJ has a Family Entertainment Center known as Magic Planet, and the a huge cinema that is the first of it’s kind to to ever open in Jordan with 16 screens, four of which are VIP theaters.

Hotels Around TAJ Mall

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