Dana Plaza Hotel

Amman, Jordan
+1 385-355-7901
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About Dana Plaza Hotel


Dana Plaza Hotel is located on the road leading to Queen Alia Airport and in the shopping district of West Amman. Just a short ride away from its’ proximity to the 6th Circle, are major shopping malls, great restaurants and busy cafés. The hotel is designed in a basic manner in the exterior, only to open up with its eclectic and almost arabesque design in the interior. Its airport transportation and free parking makes its location in this busy area a convenient added value to its guests. There are three options within the hotel to grab a meal, snack or drinks including the buffet and A La Carte menu from La Piazza Restaurant, Checkered Terrace that also offers Argeeleh and an outdoor view and Espresso Café in the hotel lobby for a quick cup of tea. As well as pools, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, you can indulge in a massage and Turkish bath, or opt to work out with a personal trainer in the hotel gym. Rooms are cozy, warm and basic equipped. The furnisher is not very modern, but comfortable nonetheless.

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Hotel Policies
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  • Check out 12 PM

Verified reviews from our travelers

Based on 21 reviews
Verified reviews from our travelers

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from Palestine
Double or Twin Room
Stayed 2 nights in October 2014
A few years ago
Really Very POOR !

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Sohaib Barhumi
A few months ago
Did visitors allowed?
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Mahmoud Al Dalleh
A few months ago
Room visitors not allowed
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