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Tourism in Amman

Book Hotels in Amman-Amman is the largest city of Jordan and the capital where it is known as a main tourist destination in the region. It is the epicenter of the country’s political and cultural spheres and is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It is viewed as one of the most liberal cities throughout the Arab World. Amman has become famous for its elegant restaurants among Western expats and tourists alike. The people of Amman are multi-cultural, well-educated and hospitable

Points Of Interest

Amman City Center City Center

Imperial Medical Center City Center

The Imperial Medical Center is dedicated to providing its visitors with the best medical services and doctors. It offers a variety of medical services such as:  Medical (mouth & teeth) surgery clinic, psychiatric & neurological clinic, infertility clinic, cardiovascular disease clinic, pain management clinic, nose, ear & throat clinic, medicine of ophthalmic & surgery consultation and others.

6th circle  Tourist Attraction

Princess Alia Bent Al Hussein

7th circle  Tourist Attraction

Abdallah Ghawsha

shmesani  Tourist Attraction


al rabia  Tourist Attraction

al rabiah

al sweifieh Tourist Attraction

al sweifieh

abdoun Tourist Attraction


dwar al dakhliah  Tourist Attraction

rainbow street  Tourist Attraction

known as rainbow street

King Hussein Mosque Tourist Attraction

Built over an ancient mosque and is at the heart of Downtown Amman; non-Muslims allowed inside after prayers; serves as a meeting place of the locals; good place to start in discovering Downtown Amman.

1st Circle Tourist Attraction

2nd circle  Tourist Attraction

maydan wasfi al tall

3rd circle  Tourist Attraction

king talal square

4th circle  Tourist Attraction

zahran street

5th circle  Tourist Attraction

Princess Basma

Al Husayn Medical Centre Medical

A compound of five hospitals in Amman

Abdoun Mall Business

Smaller version of Mecca Mall; with numerous restaurants offering local food to international and fusion cuisine; with a bowling alley and a number of arcades; has a cinema to enjoy mostly regional films.

International Stadium Sport

Largest stadium built in Amman, which can accommodate approximately 25,000 people at one time; hosted the Asian Championships in Athletics in 2007; mostly used for football and track and field events.

King Hussain Sports City Sport

Large complex built right at the heart of the city of Amman; rich complex offering numerous sports and recreational activities to keep the body fit and healthy; considered as among the most impressive multiples buildings in the Middle East.

Jabal al Qal’a (Amman Citadel) Historic

Complex of ancient buildings surrounded by walls that span 1700 meters; perfect vantage point in the early morning; tourists and locals can see Amman’s seven main hills spread out around the citadel.

Roman Theater Entertainment

Ancient Roman Theatre in Amman

The Royal Automobile Museum Entertainment

In honor of the late King Hussein’s passion for automobiles and his eventful life, his son King Abdullah II shared to the public the attractions of not only of the cars, but the very life and stories of the man who loved and drove those cars.

King Hussein Airport Travel

Also known as Aqaba Airport; it is strategically located in the vicinity of industrial city, where Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel are all within a 15-mile radius from the airport. It has a single runway only.

Queen Alia International Airport Travel

As the kingdom’s prime gateway and with the understanding that the airport is the traveler’s first experience of a country, QAIA has become the pride of Jordan when it became one of the world’s 20 best airport according to its category.

Mecca Mall Shops

A one stop shop located at Mecca street offering groceries, home improvement, pharmacies; strictly for families and requires the presence of at least one woman in the group

University of Jordan Education

Premier state-supported institution for Higher Education, which is the oldest and the largest in Jordan; among the most prestigious universities in the entire Arab world; admission averages are highest in all of Jordan.
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