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Hotels in Dublin (799 Available)

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What you need to know
Dublin the capital of Ireland. Travelling here stands for many activities but mainly culture, history and nightlife. The city was and is still the centre of administration and transportation to other cities and suburbs. It didn’t play a major role in industrial revolution or in trade contrary to Belfast. But during the last three decades it has substantially developed its economy especially during the Celtic Tiger period, through private sector state development of housing, transport and business. Dublin is with no means of fluff famous for its nightlife and pubs. Who hasn’t heard of Irish Pubs or Irish beer? As it is also famous for its historical Georgia buildings dating back to the medieval ages such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral since 1191. Start your day off touring around the city cozy city and Grafton Street which is the principal shopping area. Don’t feel like shopping but rather enjoy nature and the greenery of the island you can either spend a day near the sandy beaches of Dublin. Yes, there are long, clean and sandy beaches, or take a 30-minute bus ride to the south-west to the Wicklow Mountains where is the Garden of Ireland. After a long day of shopping and touring, it’s time to enjoy nightlife so head to Temple Bar a riverside nightlife and a cultural hub. A useful piece of information is that Dublin is famous for its culture of Pubs where you can find a pub in each neighborhood and corner in Dublin. Entering a cafe’ here, you’ll in no wonder find yourself in the midst of a pure Irish culture of food, music and drinks. Touring around the city center you needn’t any mean of transportation whereas Dublin city center is small and cozy, you’ll find it easy to reach around on foot. In the case you are heading away from the center, the transit system will keep going easily through bus, train or tram. Dublin as any northeastern European city has a maritime climate with cool summers, cold winters and rare temperature extremes. Best time to visit is during May and June when the weather is warm and sunny while it gets very cold during October through February.

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